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Insert PPM attachement using some interface...

Nagy Istvan
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Insert PPM attachement using some interface...

Dear All,


We have to create an interface for PPM. We use webservice. We need to create requests, which is fine, the WS supports that.


But we need to add attachment (reference or normal attachemnt as a field ) to PPM as well (the other system has some attachement file, which should be transferred to PPM, to the request as well)


- Is there any supported way to insert attachment into a request ? (WS does not support it)

-  Any of you has some solution to this to share or to buy ?

- I am interested in in case of database and filesystem document storage as well. Which ever is better to solve...

- I am interested in case of references documents (attach into reference section) and attachment field as well)



Thanks a lot


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Re: Insert PPM attachement using some interface...

Hi István,


as far as I know, there is no officially supported way to do this. Nevertheless, I often implemented this functionality for different customers.


You need to know which version and functionality you use, because the behaviour is different. There are the following possible scenarios:


1) New PPM-only DMS solution (document versions stored as BLOBS within the database)

2) Simple PPM-Attachments stored as documents

3) Simple PPM-Attachments stored as references (the PPM versions supporting this are probably out-of-support right now)

4) DMS integration with Documentum


Which one of these options do you use? Option 4) might be the trickiest to implement and I would recommend to migrate to 1) in this case.


Best regards,