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Information about copied fields in request type

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Information about copied fields in request type

Hello All,


We are facing issue ,How to find the field information whether it is copied from existing field ?

For example If we have one request type called as 'Project - Tollgate' and it contains the Project Manager  field.

Currently it was set as Multi select as Yes. now as per our requirement we need to set as 'No' for thatfield.

When we are trying to do so, it was disabled. And we checked it in the Header Type as also, facing the same issue.

and we came to know that it was copied from another request type. But we are unable to find out from which request type it was copied so. is there any tables related to this. If so please help us to resolve this issue.




Jason Nichols K
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Re: Information about copied fields in request type

It sounds like you are talking about the Project Manager field that is included in the Project Field Group.  If that's the case, it cannot be made a single select field.  There are other places within the Project that allow you to add project managers to the project without going directly to that field, so it will never be able to be set as a single select field.