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In renaming "admin" account

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PPM Admin
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In renaming "admin" account

Background: We are using PPM for 3-4 yrs now, from PPM 7.1 to 8.01.

Is there any impact if we rename "admin" account?

What are the affected objects or settings we need to double check?

What are the possible issues we might encounter?

Mahen M
Honored Contributor

Re: In renaming "admin" account

Litreally all the operations happen with 'User_ID=1', It should not cause any issues with the name change, Also please change the user name in webservices code if any.

Mahendran M
Raj Ghimire
Occasional Visitor

Re: In renaming "admin" account

I have had experience with renaming admin account. No Need to worry about any issues at all. As Mahen pointed out, PPM uses user_id for all of the out of the box functionalities. And the User_id for this updated account would still be 1. However, you might need to double check all your customizations to make sure you are not hard-coding username 'admin" anywhere. If so, they need to be updated.
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Re: In renaming "admin" account

As per HP, this is not recommended and can/possible to be renamed at your own risk.

//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event