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Important Notice: Project and Portfolio Management Forums Reorganization

Community Manager

Important Notice: Project and Portfolio Management Forums Reorganization

Hi all,


Since the migration of the ITRC forums into the community, you should have noticed that in some product areas that are multiple forums for one product. We did this after the migration to make sure that the ITRC members could find their specific forum.


Now after 7 months, we will be combining a number of forums together so that you only have one forum where you can submit your questions or search for specific information. All bookmarked posts will still work after we merge the forums together.


For the Project and Portfolio Management subcategory this means there will be the following forum:

  • Project and Portfolio Management Support and News Forum ( this is a combination of Project/Portfolio Management Support Forum , Project and Portfolio Management Information and News and ITRC Project and Portfolio Management Forum)


We also will be reorganizing the Software portion of the community by consolidating, moving or removing specific categories and forums. The goal will be to make it easier to find the specific categories and forums. We will keep you updated via this post.


This will take place in the week of February 6th .


If you have any questions or remarks please reply to this post.





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