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Ignore Managers in Delinquent Time Sheet Report

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Ignore Managers in Delinquent Time Sheet Report

The Delinquent Time sheet report, lists out all the users who haven't submitted their timesheets. However, I want to ignore the GMs and Managers as they dont fill their timesheets. They should not be included in the report. I want only the users other than them to submit their timesheet and they should be listed in this report.


How to get this done? Any ideas? Your help is appreciated. Thanks.


We have added the managers as 100% Non-Workload & 0% in Resource pool participation and for others (employees and contractors), who must submit a timesheet, updated them as 100% Pool participation.


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Re: Ignore Managers in Delinquent Time Sheet Report



here are a few ideas:

- create a new time sheet policy and uncheck the "Resources are expected to submit a time sheet for each time period". Assign this time sheet policy to the GMs and Managers.

- create a copy of the Delinquent Time Sheets report and add your own logic to the queries in order to exclude the GMs and Managers.




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Re: Ignore Managers in Delinquent Time Sheet Report

Thanks Alex..

I have already proposed the same but we already have 2 TS policies and dont want to create more TS policies.

Should have included in my question earlier..


I was thinking is there any alternate way to achieve this other than having new TS policy?


I also have another question relating to Delinquent Time Sheet report.


//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event