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I need Delete Requests

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I need Delete Requests

I need a script to delete three hundred thousand requests!


Can anyone help me?


Jim Esler
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Re: I need Delete Requests

We delete large batches of requests with the Search Requests / Search Results pages. Search for the requests to be deleted, then use the Check All / Delete buttons to delete everything displayed. Set the Maximum Results Per Page field to a large number (1000?) so you don't need to repeat the process too many times.


There are a lot of tables involved and you really don't want to dive into the details and do this with direct database queries. It is much safer to use the mechanisms in the product for this activity, even if it is tedious. Do it in one session while doing normal work while it is executing.

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Re: I need Delete Requests

Hi Alex,

A sql file that has been used in the past to delete request from the backend:


To use it:

1) First edit the script and replace the request ID and user ID to be used for the operation.

2) Stop PPM

3) Then run the script directly against database using sqlplus.

4) Re-start PPM

Test this in the staging environment first. Backup the database before making any changes in production. This script will remove all information contain in the specified Request and might alter relationship with all other entities associated with the Request. The data removed by this operation is not recoverable. This script has worked for other clients in the past, but it is better to be safe than sorry.


You can test it for one request and if this works fine you can modify the script to include all the requests you want.



Dayana Campos