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Hyperlink in Request

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Hyperlink in Request

I am looking for which validation I can use or how I can accomplish getting a server link into a request. I have tried using validations link URL,etc... but those all prefix the value with http://.

We will have values like \\
and want PPM to open the file. We cannot just use the attachments section as it won't accomplish what we need.

Any help would be appreciated.

Mahen M
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Re: Hyperlink in Request

I dont have much experience in this, but my senses tells me that you should see whether environments and Tokens help you in any way.

Please advice if you have any success.

Mahendran M
Sascha Mohr
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Re: Hyperlink in Request

if i got you right you are trying to have links in mails to files that are not hosted on a web server but on a fileserver inside your local net. So you should try to have a link that looks like this file://host/share/file.ext
The user's local security settings (and the "zone" the host is in) determine how the file is handled then: opened in browser window, downloaded, blocked...