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Https on a load balancer

Surendra Poosar
Honored Contributor.

Https on a load balancer


We are moving to a 2 server architechture using a load balancer. one of the requirements is to access the ppm site using https.
When we are trying to access the ppm using http:/<load_balancer VIP address>:8080/ we are able to access the ppm site,
but when are trying to access the site using https://<load_balancer VIP address> or https://<load_balancer VIP address>:8080 , it would not work.


Our understanding is that if https is managed over the load balancing server we need not do any changes on the ppm server and we need not use any external web-server like IIS or Apache.

Could anyone let me know if they have set up https on a load balancer without using an external web server?.

The Admin guide do speak anything about configuring https when we use a load balancer

We are on 8.0 SP2
Windows 2008 Standard 64 bit


Jim Esler
Acclaimed Contributor.

Re: Https on a load balancer

We use an F5 switch to route connections to a two node cluster. We are configured as follows:


http://<> receives connection attempts on port 80 (standard http port) and redirects them to https://<>


https://<> accepts connections on port 443 (standard https port), encrypts/decrypts traffic and routes traffic to port 8080 on one of the servers that supports a node.


The base URL specified in server.conf is https://<>.