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How to model planned resource vacancies in PPM?

Dinesh Mistry
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How to model planned resource vacancies in PPM?

I am looking ideas/concept how this can be done. PPM off course is very good at modeling resource capacity for REAL resources already onboard/active or likely to be off-boarded. As long as resources are active they can be assigned work/demand etc.. 


What I am looking for is how to model planned vacancies in PPM. A planned vacancy would be

(1) unnamed but would need a unquie identifier say resource ID, resource name field could have "Vacancy #1 Junior Programmer". The unique Resource ID would used as a planning ID in external systems (e.g Finance) to keep track of vacancies. It is very important to have a unique ID for tracking purposes.

(2) have different lifecycle status i.e. Planned, Approved that could be set and reported against.

(3) would have capacity - a resource could be say planned to be on-board Q4, then capacity could be set to 1.0 FTE for Oct,Nov,Dec

4) would be assigned to the right resource pool / org

(5) this unnamed resource CANNOT be assigned to in project/work.

(6) when the unnamed resource is hired, "Vacancy #1 Junior Programmer" would be changed to the real name, status changed to Active(?)  e.g John Smith and would be set to behave like any other active resource.


This ability would help model/plan vacancies systematically, instead of ad hoc on spreadsheets and the like.


Any ideas, suggestions, pros/cons welcome.


Thanks in advance.



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Re: How to model planned resource vacancies in PPM?

Could you just create a PPM user account called 'Vacancy Position 1' and manage them just like a real user? I don't know that you could block someone from assigning them to projects but you'd think the name would be enough to deter their selection. This also doesn't solve your 'status' issues of pending/approved. Perhaps you could add a column to the user or resource data to record a status.


What version of PPM are you on?