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How to increase batch numbers on request details?

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How to increase batch numbers on request details?

Hi everyone,


We are having some troubles since in a new PPM implementation. We have a lot of fields that need the Area Text 4000 validations but we just ran out of parameter 41 to 50  in the 6 request details batchs.


There is a way I could modify PPM to accept 4000 characters validations in standard fields or increasing the batch number?


I saw a validation that limits the fields on the request type form but modifying and save it to accept more batch numbers dont work properly since creating a new area text on batch seven or eight throw a weird java error at the field value.


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Re: How to increase batch numbers on request details?

This has worked for me earlier if it is new request type it works but if there are already requests created for that request type then we will have issues.


Once u change the request type Try below steps 1. Query the request details table check if there is a row for batch 7 for those requests.2. if not insert a row with batch 7 to all those requests.3. Clear server cache and reload the request