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How to have a team of Project Managers

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How to have a team of Project Managers

Hi all,


One of our customer would like to have some teams per Region (Asia, Europe...) and in each region, all the project should be considererd as project managers of all the projects of the region, but only of their region: the project managers of each region should be able to edit the workplan, manage the financial summary, the staffing profile... for all the projects of their region, but only for the projects of their region.


The Access Grant "Edit all projects" doesn't answer to our needs, and having 1 Program or 1 Portfolio per region is not the solution (a Program or Portfolio Manager doesn't have automatically edit rights in all the projects of its Program/Portfolio).

In the configure Project participants, there is no way to add Security Groups or Organisation Units as Project Managers.

In the special commands, there is no special command to add a project manager in a project.


The only way we saw at the moment is using a report launching a web service that will add as project managers of some proects all the members of a security, or of an organization, or all the program managers of a program. 


Could you please tell me if there are other solutions, more simple and more standard?


Thanks in advance for your help.


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Eric Bonotto

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Re: How to have a team of Project Managers



The first though would be for you to create different Project Types for each Region, and make use of the Project Type Access in order to restrict Project Access usage.


This approach should not impact the functionality of Portfolio Management and Program Management.


Please consider this approach and let us know your thoughts.




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