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How to get delegation report

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How to get delegation report

Hi All,

There are some users who are addeed in the delegates and create the time sheets for their users.

Is there any way yo get the list of such users who are added to anyone's delegate access under "Time Mgmt" tab of the user profile?

Derek Giedd
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Re: How to get delegation report

There is not a report for this, but here is a script to give you the info.  You can build this into a portlet or a custom report.  You might want to modify this code to remove disabled users or add other fields.

  SELECT ku1.full_name "USER", ku2.full_name Delegated_To, rd.start_date, rd.end_date
    FROM rsc_resource_delegations rd, knta_users ku1, knta_users ku2
   WHERE rd.start_date < SYSDATE
     AND rd.end_date > SYSDATE
     AND ku1.user_id = rd.resource_id
     AND ku2.user_id = rd.delegated_to_user_id;
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