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How to fix "license usage exceeded"?

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Scott Hawley
Regular Contributor.

How to fix "license usage exceeded"?

I use reports to give everyone in an LDAP security group a Demand Management license. Too many people were put into the security group and now I have '-10' licenses available. In the workbench, it won't let me remove anyone's license and gives error 'license usage exceeded'.

How do I fix this? I'm sure there's a database update I can run, but what table do I edit to foribly remove someone's license?

Tim Brandish
Honored Contributor.

Re: How to fix "license usage exceeded"?

delete from knta_user_products
where user_id IN (the userid's you want to remove licenses for)
and product_id = 2;

Double check that the product_id for Demand is 2 in your database in the knta_products table. Also, you'll have to close your workbench and reopen it to clear the cache and see your changes.