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How to extend the Time Periods in Approve time?

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How to extend the Time Periods in Approve time?


I am trying to display more than 16 weeks in the time period drop down list?
How can I do that?
Any help is appreciated.


P.S.: A proper picture is attached

Re: How to extend the Time Periods in Approve time?

We made changes to display more previous and future time periods. We did this by making changes to the following config items:


Keep in mind this impacts more than just the Approve Time window. It applies to creating time sheets as well as running time reports.

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Re: How to extend the Time Periods in Approve time?



We wish to increase the number of "previous periods" in the "Approve Time" .

By changing the parameter TM_MAX_PREVIOUS_TIME_PERIODS to 52 we already can see that the available values have increased.

However, when we click on search, we have another "Warning screen" that prevent us from using this change (screenshot attached). 


I saw in another thread that we should change the validation “TMG - Numeric Field (0 – 12)” from the backend. Unfortunatly we did not get any results. 


Could you please help us for this matter?


Thank you in advance.


Best Regards,


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Re: How to extend the Time Periods in Approve time?

I realize this post is a bit old but maybe the following can help someone else...


Below is what HP Support shared with me when we needed to extend our time reporting periods.  My DBA periodically runs this to ensure we have future weeks in both time reporting and approvals.


"Make sure that your system has time periods available for the current period in the ktmg_periods table. If not, generate the period by running the script, ITG_HOME/bin/"


Here's the detail when executing:   



JAVA_HOME = /usr/java/jdk1.6.0_20

java version "1.6.0_20"

Java(TM) SE Runtime Environment (build 1.6.0_20-b02)

Java HotSpot(TM) 64-Bit Server VM (build 16.3-b01, mixed mode)

Generating Time Periods from : Tue Feb 15 08:50:22 EST 2011

Defaulting to 24 Time Periods

Use sh -h to get more help.

Proceed to generate Time Periods (y/n) :


Choice : y


Please Select one of the following Period Types to Default

Period Type ID | Period Type Name | Start Day


1 | Weekly | MONDAY


Please Enter the Period Type Id to generate new time periods :


You Entered : 1


Defaulting to Period Type : Weekly


Time Period for '02/14/11 - 02/20/11' exists.

Inserted Time Period 02/21/11 - 02/27/11

Inserted Time Period 02/28/11 - 03/06/11

Inserted Time Period 03/07/11 - 03/13/11

Inserted Time Period 03/14/11 - 03/20/11

Inserted Time Period 03/21/11 - 03/27/11

Inserted Time Period 03/28/11 - 04/03/11

Inserted Time Period 04/04/11 - 04/10/11

Inserted Time Period 04/11/11 - 04/17/11

Inserted Time Period 04/18/11 - 04/24/11

Inserted Time Period 04/25/11 - 05/01/11

Inserted Time Period 05/02/11 - 05/08/11

Inserted Time Period 05/09/11 - 05/15/11

Inserted Time Period 05/16/11 - 05/22/11

Inserted Time Period 05/23/11 - 05/29/11

Inserted Time Period 05/30/11 - 06/05/11

Inserted Time Period 06/06/11 - 06/12/11

Inserted Time Period 06/13/11 - 06/19/11

Inserted Time Period 06/20/11 - 06/26/11

Inserted Time Period 06/27/11 - 07/03/11

Inserted Time Period 07/04/11 - 07/10/11

Inserted Time Period 07/11/11 - 07/17/11

Inserted Time Period 07/18/11 - 07/24/11

Inserted Time Period 07/25/11 - 07/31/11



//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event