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How to copy just a field (Document type)

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How to copy just a field (Document type)

Hi all,


We have a requirement to implement in PPM 8 SP3, to have access to only a document from a request type, from another request type.


So, we are trying to copy from Request 1 to Request 2 only that Document field. But, if we just copy the content of the field stored in DB, in the Request 2 it appears the document, but the security of the Document is still the security of the request 1.


But, when you use the option copy request (so Request 1 is the source request), and PPM generates the new request (request 2), PPM is really copying the document, as we have seen that the content stored in DB is different from the original request (request 1).


So, how can we use the function that PPM is using to copy a request but just applying it to one field??


In any other idea?


Thank you very much in advance.


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