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How to configure the number of days in one year

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How to configure the number of days in one year


I need to change the number of working days from this year onward (from 200 to 210).


I also need to have this value set in some place (db?) because I need to use it from several reports and I don't want to write it as a constant into reports (otherwise it would be a pain if/when I'll have to change it again).


Which is the correct way to set this value?


thanks and kind regards

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Re: How to configure the number of days in one year

The best way to achive this is to use Regional calander and mark the non-working days according to your organization. This option will adjust the Resoruce capacity/load  which is used by out of the box entities.


Now if above option does not fits to your reqirement then define this as constant at DB level.


  1. First option is to create a DB table and store your value for specific year. So ever vise there will be number of working days.
  2. Another option is to create a custom oracle package and within it create a custom function with your business logic. So based on year passed to this function you will get the number of working days.
Utkarsh Mishra

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