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How to call in a Pl/sql Program

Kiran Dubbaka

How to call in a Pl/sql Program


My requirement is to call a shell script (i.e. in a Pl/SQl procedure or a DB Trigger, to clear the cache. If any one knows, Kindly let me know the process to achive the above requirement.

Thanks in advance!!!
Mahen M
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Re: How to call in a Pl/sql Program

To achieve this follow the following steps:

1) create an enviornment or do the chages in an existing enviornment. To do this go to workbench-->Enviornment-->enviornment.

Provide the information about your Application Server where you have installed the ITG Application i.e Base Path.

2) In your workflow, set the source enviornment as the enviornment you have created in above step.

3) In workflows execution step you can write the shell script under workflow request commands instead of PL/SQL.

You can use the following script to get connected to your Application server and to execute the shell scripts.

cd bin
ls -l

1) The first command will connect you to your base path for your ITG Application as mentioned in the Environment.
2) Second command â cdâ will change your control to the BIN Directory of the ITG Application and then you can run any script.
3) Third command will list you all the scripts and so onâ ¦

Provide the above Environment settings to the workflow step so that will execute the all above commands successfully.

Let me know if you face issues.

Mahendran M