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How to access PPM service using .Net WCF

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How to access PPM service using .Net WCF


I am preparing a tool where i am trying to integrate the PPM system with one of our companies Application (NVBugs). I am trying to access PPM Demand Service through
http://localhost:8080/itg/ppmservices/DemandService?wsdl using .Net WCF architecture but i am facing two issues.

1. in .Net 3.5 WCF doesnt allow to send Username and Password token as a clear text in SOAP. And the PPM expect to transfer the Username and Password. Right now i am able to do this by following but i didnt liked this way to transfer the Username and password. is there any other way available to access the PPM demand service with WCF other than using the "ClearUserPassBinding" vvvv

2. I want to access the PPM srvice by using the Service account and not by using any Users account. Right now when i try to access the PPM Service using Service Account i get authentication failed exception. However i dont get any errors when i try to accesss the PPM service using User account. Note that both User and Service account are present in LDAP the only thing is that, User and Service account are present in different OU.

Please help me. Please if possible send me sample code along with all the configuratuion which i can use to acces the PPVM service using .net WCF technology.

I have already saw this itg/download/webservice/ . The sample code in the zip folder make use of WS Policy . I need a sample application built in WCF to access the PPM Web Service along with all the neseccary configuration.

Please help me if possible.

Islam Nofal
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Re: How to access PPM service using .Net WCF


I have tried to consume the PPM web service using .net sample but I'm getting error during the build of the project, cann't find set policy method.


did you face this issue before

PPM version is 9.13


Thanks in advance.

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Re: How to access PPM service using .Net WCF

Did you doscover how to access PPM using .NET WCF?

I cannot find any documentation on it.


//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event