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How to Customise new token in PPM

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How to Customise new token in PPM

I created few fields in the Request Type of type attachment component. Now i have to validate the same from the database whether the user has attached the attachment or not. If the user has not attached the attachment we are required to print error messages on the page.

We have created the function identifying the parameters. the problem being faced here is parameters to fucntions. For the attachment we have one token in the request type against the field as CCP_REQ_DOC. we can pass the request id for this in the function as REQ.REQUEST_ID, now i need to pass its storage information like batch_number and parameter colm for these 2 things i am not able to find suitable tokens which i can pass in to the function.

Is there anything as such REQ.P.CCP_REQ_DOC.PARAM_VALUE??? Here CCP_REQ_DOC is the token of the request type field and PARAM_VALUE is its internal properties. Is this way we can use the internal properies values in to the function???
Mahen M
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Re: How to Customise new token in PPM

Hi Genious,
I hope the Parameter Value and Batch Number are constants and it will not be changed. Why can to hard code the values in your PL/SQL Function.

I am not sure why you want to display a message if the document is not attached instead of making the document field Mandatory

Mahendran M