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How can user delete an un-submitted request?

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Timothy Elliott
Acclaimed Contributor

How can user delete an un-submitted request?

Looking at the documentation for V6.0.0, it says that "Edit Request" gives a user the ability to delete an un-submitted request. However, when a user tries to do so they get the message "Permission Denied. Deleting the following submitted request(s) requires the Request Manager access grant. (KCRT-40042)". If we grant them delete access to the request type then they can delete all requests, and we don't want that.

So my question is how can we give users the ability to delete their own unsubmitted requests but not any other requests?

Thanks in advance!
Super Collector

Re: How can user delete an un-submitted request?

Hi Timothy,

This is was bug in ITG V6.0, but the good news is that this was fixed in a Service Pack (SP14, to be exact) :

"1-367904843 The Edit Requests access grant did not let a user delete a request that was unsubmitted. (172076)"

So after installing atleast SP14, your problem should be solved.


Stefan Bienz
Cirrus Consulting
//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event