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Hiding Tables

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Hiding Tables

Hi Everyone,

Does anyone know of a way to hide a table multiple tables really?  Essentially what I'm looking to do is to have an entire table(s) hide/show with a rule just like you can with fields.  Is this possible?  Kudos to anyone who post a solution.



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Re: Hiding Tables

Considering PPM version 9.x.


The answer to this query is Yes, you can easily hide the entire Table using the UI rules.


Just select the Table component field in the Result section of the UI rule.


The only disadvantage with this is that on hiding the field it is showing a BLANK space on Request type at front-end.

i.e. it is not truncating the space.

Utkarsh Mishra

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Re: Hiding Tables

Sorry, I failed to mention that we are on 7.5 SP6.  Maybe 9.x is different, but I'm able to choose a "table component" for a results field, but whenever the rule is triggered the field does hide and no error message is displayed.  I have also tried a couple of variations of the rule such as, on creation, on page load and field change.  In addition I have tried this on IE8 and whatever the current version of Firefox is.