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Help with time sheet reminder notifications

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Cristina Tutor
Regular Contributor.

Help with time sheet reminder notifications

Hi there,
we have two questions about time sheet notifications:

is it necesary assign the parameter ENABLE_TIME_SHEET_NOTIFICATIONS_SERVICE to true if you want to use this notifications?

We only want to recieve one notification and then, we assign the parameter TMG_DATE_NOTIFICATION_INTERVAL to 9990,
but we are not sure if this ok and we don´t know if we need as well the ENABLE_TIME_SHEET_NOTIFICATIONS_SERVICE parameter to true.

Thanks a lot and sorry by my english
Darshan Bavisi
Outstanding Contributor.

Re: Help with time sheet reminder notifications

Hello Cristina,

The server configuration parameter ENABLE_TIME_SHEET_NOTIFICATIONS_SERVICE by default is true and it will need to remain as true for the server to be able to send the time sheet notifications. So yes it is necessary for this parameter to be as true.

I don't remember currently and I don't think you can configure the number of times a time sheet notifications can be send, the server will keep sending per the internvals set in the TMG_DATE_NOTIFICATION_INTERVAL parameter.

Other option is to clean up the notifications tables after the first notification is sent for the time sheets. This can be done by deleting the notficiations from the following tables:


You will need to write a custom report, that will remove all the time sheet reminder notifications from these tables. If you truncate all the notifications from these tables, then it will delete all other notifications generated by other entities as well, like workflows, request types, etc.

So you may schedule this report to run everytime, a few minutes before the 9990 minutes, so all the second (or subsequent) time sheet notifications gets deleted. (Note: you can schedule this report this way, as the time sheet notification service I think usually runs at about 7pm of server time on the choosen day, so you can schedule in such way that the report can make sure that it does not delete the first notification of a particular week itself.)
Cristina Tutor
Regular Contributor.

Re: Help with time sheet reminder notifications