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Has anyone encountered issues in PPM 8?

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Has anyone encountered issues in PPM 8?

We are testing PPM 8 and have encountered multiple issues. Among the most serious:
1. If the "Dashboard" menu has enough items that it must scroll to view all of the items, page groups will not expand. (We have determined this is caused by an underlying bug in IE; Firefox is not affected.)
2. When copying a request whose workflow is disabled, PPM sets the copied request's workflow to the default workflow instead of applying the request rule that sets the workflow.

Our correpondence with HP Support seems to suggest these problems had not been reported before we found them, but given the length of time PPM 8 has been released, that's hard to believe. We're finding new issues almost daily, even after the release of PPM 8.03 last week.

Has anyone encountered these or other major problems in PPM 8? How have you mitigated these issues in your production environment?
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Re: Has anyone encountered issues in PPM 8?

We've seen issues in PPM 8 but they are usually annoyances, not show stoppers (e.g. task activity required but doesn't display as such to end users).


One of our biggest issues currently is the default timesheet portlet on the project home page(s) mysteriously drops pending approval timesheets - causes much angst here. I don't know that the issue is PPM 8 specific.


We upgraded from 7 > 7.5 > 8 > 8 SP1 and now 8 SP2.

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Re: Has anyone encountered issues in PPM 8?

Just going to add you should look at the release docs for the service packs for v8. Might give you a better idea of what they had to fix.

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Re: Has anyone encountered issues in PPM 8?

HP PPM 8.0 is full of Bugs, we ourself have identifed and submitted 12 bugs in last 30 days..


Out of these for 3 bugs HP has provied the hotfixes.



Utkarsh Mishra

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