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Hardcode logon page default language

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Hardcode logon page default language

Hi Everybody,

We have a PPM instance where we'd like to change the default language to be english, allowing the users to switch to the PPM system language (german) if so desired.  As the client desktops vary a lot as to what is configured we'd like to override the current PPM language selection mechanism of (as I understand it) of cookielang -> browserlang -> PPM systemlang (first setting wins) to be cookielang -> english.

I can't find any configuration setting for this so I guess manually modifying the java code in the login.jsp is the only way.

Has anyone tried this before and is willing to share their login.jsp modifications?  We are using PPM version 9.32.




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Re: Hardcode logon page default language


Please try using the below provided option:


Language code for the default display language.Add this parameter to the server.conf file manually and set a language code value to specify the default display language. The default value is null. Valid values are any two-letter abbreviation of a language in lowercase. For example, if you want to set the default display language to English, set the SERVER_LOCALE_LANGUAGE_CODE server configuration parameter to en.This parameter works together with SERVER_LOCALE_COUNTRY_CODE to ensure that PPM Center groups all PPM Center users and non-PPM Center users together when sending notifications.

Default: nullValid values: Two-letter abbreviation of a language in lowercase. Example, en.