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HP PPM deployment management multiselect field

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HP PPM deployment management multiselect field

In an object type in HP PPM deployment management I have specified a field with component type "Auto Complete List". The field has an underlying Validation validated by "Command with delimited output". The validation selects item revisions from a folder in a Subversion repository. When checking  the log of the validation the list of item revisions are selected properly. Also when using the multiselect field in a deployment package I can see all selected item  revisions in the available list. But when moving files or group of files with arrow buttons back and forth between Available and Selected lists, files get messed up, means some moved items just vanish. Any idea why?


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Jim Esler
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Re: HP PPM deployment management multiselect field

We have seen that kind of behavior, too. One thing you should verify is that all value sets have unique hidden values. We also installed several hot fixes for handling 'command with delimited output' validations. We are still running 7.5. I believe all of the hot fixes were included in 9.12.