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HP PPM configuration with LDAP

Greg Sliva
Regular Collector

HP PPM configuration with LDAP

Does anyone have more detailed documentation on configuring HP PPM with LDAP Authentication using Active Directory. I understand that server.conf and LdapAttribute.conf need modfied, but I am looking for more detailed formatting of the values.
Erik Cole
Honored Contributor

Re: HP PPM configuration with LDAP

Hi Greg,

Our AD is "" so our setup is as follows:



ppmadmin is a user account in the "Users" container.

LdapAttribute.conf is mostly used for importing users from the LDAP server. If you're just doing auth against the LDAP server, you can probably use the default one in SERVER_HOME/integration/ldap

Hope this helps.
Greg Sliva
Regular Collector

Re: HP PPM configuration with LDAP

Thanks for the information. I believe I am having a problem as one of my container names has a space in it. IF a CN value has a space, can I just enclose it in double quotes " "?
victoria loft

Re: HP PPM configuration with LDAP

if you have a space in your ldap credentials replace the space with %20 (the number twenty)
//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event