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HP PPM and Jira integration questions

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HP PPM and Jira integration questions

Is it possible any kind of integration between HP PPM (for the high level  Project and Program portfolio)  and Atlassian Jira solution (used mainly for Agile project/task management -"execution")? 



Is it provided out-of-the-box? 


 The idea is to integrate HP PPM with information from the status of the  single projects management execution  activity (milestone, resourse, costs,...) manged with Jira solution. The scope is to have in HP PPM a unique view to manage strategies, prioritization, resources, change management,..


Thanks in advance fon any contribute !



Re: HP PPM and Jira integration questions

All native integraions are with HP Products, since Jira is not you  will have to develop your own solution. Write me if you are interested in hire someone to develop your integration.





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Re: HP PPM and Jira integration questions

If you are using PPM 9.31, HP provides a good starting point for the integration.  Agile Manager Open SDK Doc  It does require java development skillset.

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