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HP PPM Time Management Implementation

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HP PPM Time Management Implementation

Hello Community,


I am working for an austrian bank and we are using HP PPM since March 2012, now version 9.13. Now we use Resource- and Demandmgmt moduls and put in master data in Project Mgmt modul (here we don't use Workplan, issue, risk,... yet). Our next step is to implement the Time Mgmt Modul and make Project Mgmt in HP PPM (create work plans, issues, risks, ...)


My questions concern Time Mgmt.

What I have reached and learned till now: Till now I could create a time sheet and add projects, requests, tasks of projects and insert them my weekly work hours (Policy = Weekly, Period in Hours). Of course I had to find out to make some setups in Project Settings in Cost and Effort (Project Level or Task Level, all resources may report to the projects, ..) as well as in Work Plan (it must have the status ACTIVE to report on the project). And the tasks have also some policies, ...


My questions now:

1 - is there any possibility to change the "search time sheet" window, e.g. I want to deactivate the radio button for Period Type. We don't want the user to search the period type. The user should only be able to search the previous 1 or 2 time periods. This opens the second questions


2- "In previous time periods to show:" I can search for the last 0 to 4 time periods. How can I change the content of that combo Box to 0 to 2 periods? Is there any possibility to change it?


3- Charge codes: I couldn't understand the functionality of charge codes. In Line Details I cannot see the charge codes when I want to insert one. Where can I set a default charge code for the project? So the user need not to search for charge codes?


4- How can a project manager see how many user reported to his project(s)? And of course see how much time, e.g. user x reported 50 hours to my project y. Is there a report or a portlet?


5-Notifications: there are 2 standard notifications in time mgmt, reminder and rejection. But there is also a report needed, which will be sent to the executive on each e.g. Tuesday which includes the message: These resources didn't create a time sheet. And then the list of the resources.


6-We want to do time mgmt as easy as possible, as I wrote at the beginning: add project or whatever and insert the weekly hours and submit.. So we want to create standard work plans where the acitivities are set. The project manager decides for the suitable work plan and loads the work plan template to his/her project. In that case the resource doesn't need to go to Line Details and put Activities. But if you to report to a request or to misc. (other, meetings, vacation, ...) you have to add activities manually over Line Details. How can I set that activities are not mandatory fields for requests and misc.'s.


7- I choose a Task, insert my hours and click to save. Then the index tab "Other Actuals" becomes a mandatory field. When I change to the tab "Other Actuals" I must insert a percentage value (1-100) in the column "% Complete" but sometimes only for 1 task, although I inserted 3 tasks. Why do I have to put in for 1 task (or some tasks in other cases) a percentage value? In that case the numbers in my question are not important. I just want to say, why to put in a percentage value for some tasks and for other tasks not.


I hope these questions are clear to understand and you can help me! 


greetings from Austria, Vienna!




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Re: HP PPM Time Management Implementation

Hi Ramazan,


please check:



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Erik Cole
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Re: HP PPM Time Management Implementation



1 - You'd have to change the jsp page. I wouldn't recommend it without a very good business case for that change. If you have only one period type enabled, then that drop-down is kind of moot.

2 - Change the value of com.kintana.core.server.TM_MAX_PREVIOUS_TIME_PERIODS in server.conf

3 - Probably need to spend more time on this section of the TM config guide. Short answer is Override
Rules can be used to set default charge codes.

4 - If the PM is set as an approver of time booked to the project (in project settings) then they will see a Time Approval portlet on the Project Overview page. Also, they can use the Resource Usage feature in the work plan.

5 - Look at the OOTB 'Delinquent Time Sheets' does require that a resource's time policy is set to 'Required'

6 - This is in the Time Sheet Policy

7 - This policy is set for each project, so the requirement might vary based on that.

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Re: HP PPM Time Management Implementation

Hello Ramazan,


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Kind regards,


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