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HP PPM Release Management

Amandeep Kaur
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HP PPM Release Management


A package opens in the workbench whenever I click a package id hyperlink in the portlet. The link used in the data source is "http://lnax46.intranet.local:8080/itg/web/knta/global/Workbench.jsp?screen=PKG&pkid=32534"

Now I want to open a release in the workbench, whenever I click the Release Name in the portlet I have configured. I am not getting what should I use for opening a release in the workbench direct fron portlet. I have used REL&rlid= "some id " . It goes to the window of releases in the workbench but does not open the particular release. I don't know what to use in place of "pkid". I have tried all combinations such as relid, rlname, relname, rid...
But haven't got success.

Please if someone have come across such problem then help me out of this.

Thanks in Advance!!!!