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HP PPM Platform migration with PPM version upgrade.

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HP PPM Platform migration with PPM version upgrade.



Currently we are having HP PPM 8.02 version on HP-UX environment. Our client’s organization is planning to migrate the whole system from UNIX to Linux platform along with the HP PPM upgrade to version 9.20. The suggested approach from Business is as below:


1)      Build a Linux server (as a Development environment).

2)      Install all the necessary pre-requisite along with the HP PPM.

3)      Migrate all the customization from UNIX to Linux system.

4)      Perform the complete testing for its readiness.

5)      Now build two more Linux server (1 for Test and 1 for Production) and make these servers as a replica of first Linux server by copying the dump of file-system and database without installing the HP PPM product.


Is the above mentioned approach is feasible and if so then what all necessary steps we need to keep in our mind, Also it would be really great if anyone had done this kind of project for their organization and can share some helping document. 

Erik Cole
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Re: HP PPM Platform migration with PPM version upgrade.


I just finished a transition of two servers (TST & PROD) from Windows 2008 to Red Hat Linux. It was pretty painless.

Build your Linux servers, install JVM, Oracle client, etc as per PPM Install guide. No need to install PPM. It's easiest if you use the same user account for the new server(s).

Test this stuff...Java, Sqlplus, system variables, etc.

Copy the file structure (ppm_home) to the new server.

Edit the server.conf to reference the new server name.

Truncate the TMP & Work directories in ppm_home\server\<server_name> and run to recompile everything.

Run and start the new instance.

Jim Esler
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Re: HP PPM Platform migration with PPM version upgrade.

I am not sure from your description just when you plan to do the PPM upgrade. Are you planning to install 9.2 on the new Linux servers and then migrate stuff from your current 8.02 instances? If so, this will not work. Migrations  can only be done when the source and destination instances are running the same version.


When we upgraded to 9.1, we built out new infrastructure, cloned the existing instance (both PPM and the database) and then performed the upgrade. Given the differences between the two levels (we upgraded from 7.5), we spent many months testing everything we had implemented plus the fixes for the problems we encountered.