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HP PPM Integration with UCMDB

Occasional Advisor

HP PPM Integration with UCMDB



Has anyone done Integrated PPM with UCMDB?

Please guide me on this, Is there a document available which I can refer(Other then Solution Integration guide)?

We are on PPM 7.5 SP7.


Thanks in Advance.



Shilpesh Pathak

Honored Contributor

Re: HP PPM Integration with UCMDB

Hi Shilpesh,


from the PPM-side of the integration, as far as I'm aware the solution integration guide is the only reference we have on how to integrate uCMDB with PPM.


Check with uCMDB on their possible integration guide but I'm not sure if you'll find anything else in the way of manuals currently.


Best regards,


Occasional Advisor

Re: HP PPM Integration with UCMDB

Hi Dirk,


Our requirement is to fetch particular set of records from UCMDB on a daily basis, and we can't do it through DB as HP has not exposed UCMDB's Data structure so we are left with an option of Web service call from PPM and Using the TQL's from UCMDB to provide the data.

But my concern is if we are going with this approach, apart from creating the Java code to connect and fetch records from UCMDB, Is there anything else I should be thinking of I mean i have never done such type of integration using Java so not sure what all things we should keep in our mind.

Any idea what else we should be doing other then creating a Java Code to fetch data from UCMDB?



Shilpesh Pathak

//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event