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HP PPM 7.1 SP 5

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HP PPM 7.1 SP 5

How Planned cost would be rolled up from workplan to budget??

I know that this will be done automatically from Project settings. But how??
Darshan Bavisi
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Re: HP PPM 7.1 SP 5

Hi BalaKrishna,

The planned cost is not rolled up from workplan to budget, but only the actual cost is rolledup.

To rollup the planned cost you will need to synchronize the budget with the staffing profile. In the staffing profile, select the option 'Synchronized with Budget' as 'Yes' and then select the 'Budget Name', this will roll-up the planned cost from the staffing profile of a proposal/project/asset into the selected budget. The actual cost then you can rollup as usual from the workplan.