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Getting error while running report.

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Getting error while running report.





We are getting below error while running report.


The attachment file could not be downloaded. The file: rep_30301.html no longer exists on the server. Please contact your HP Project and Portfolio Management system administrator. (KNTA-10697).


Can anyone please let us know what could be the problem




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Re: Getting error while running report.

Hi Nagesh,


This error could be due to any of the below reasons, as the report engine is not able to save the html output file in REPORT directory:


  1. Check whether there is free disk space for REPORT directory
  2. Check whether the REPORT directory and other parameters like below are set properly in server.conf:
    REPORT_DIR (make sure PPM system user has access to this directory)
    SQLPLUS_VERSION (mandatory to set the parameter correctly for SQL reports)
  3. Check whether the error is coming to both JSP and SQL report or any one. If error is coming for both the report type then there must be directory issue (like access or space); else if error is coming for only one type then refer the server logs for more details.
Utkarsh Mishra

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Toby Harvey
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Re: Getting error while running report.

Hi Nagesh - perhaps you could search on the server for that report file by name. 


If you can find it but PPM cannot then see Utkarsh's response. 


If you cannot find it at all then it may have simply been moved, deleted, renamed, corrupted etc so you may need to refer to your existing file system management processes (maybe check recyclebin/trash, shared storage or restore from backup?)



Jason Nichols K
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Re: Getting error while running report.

It also depends on what report you are running.  I've configured several "reports" that do things rather than report data back and it doesn't generate an output file, so I get this error everytime one of them runs.  To me, it's a normal message, but I'm expecting it.