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GetRequest WS Error in exportRequest

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GetRequest WS Error in exportRequest

Hi everyone,

We get error message when we try to get request details via webservice. Error message is given below:

               <exception:detail>An error occured when reading requests</exception:detail>

               <exception:detail>Error in exportRequest An unknown error has occurred. For more information, please contact your PPM administrator and provide the following GUID number: GUID=E299CDB0-DA44-A9B5-36A5-227E9A3964F8      Generated Time=2016/05/23-12:27:16.0572 EEST</exception:detail>

We checked the serverlog.txt file but there is no detail regarding the GUID stated in the error message (error details attached).

There is a weird situation that after we have opened the request on HP PPM the error message is not given and we can read request via webservice.

Is there any solution suggestion?

Thanks in advance.






Acclaimed Contributor

Re: GetRequest WS Error in exportRequest

I have the same problem too. You find a way to solve it?

//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event