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Generate Reports Error

Gerardo Gamez
Respected Contributor.

Generate Reports Error

Hi everyone,


I have a problem generating reports from PPMC, when I try to generate any report like Request Type Detail Report, Workflow Statistics Report, Data Source Detail Report, etc, I'm getting the error: "Attachment File could not be downloaded. The File rep_34362.html does not longer exist in the server. Please contact your HP Project and Portfolio Management system administrator. (KNTA-10697)"


I checked out the parameters on server.conf file and the reports path is correct.


When I check the log of the generated report does not display any error, only Succedeed, in certain ocasions display an error of database.


I attach some screens with the errors.


Another thing is that I tried with several report types and some of them were generated successfully like Portlet Definition Detail Report or Notification History Report.


I have PPM 7.5 SP4


I hope someone can help me with this.


Thanks and regards.

Erik Cole
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Re: Generate Reports Error

The reports that are working are jsp reports. The ones that you referenced as not working use sqlplus scripts. Based on the messages in your screen shots, I'd say check your environments in the workbench. In order for the sqlplus commands to work right, your environment must be set up correctly with the right server type, user id, password, etc for your Prod server. Does the environment checker show everything as A-OK?