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Generate Config Plan log in PPM Log

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Generate Config Plan log in PPM Log

Hi All,


We are trying to generate config plan log in PPM log.COuld anyone of you please let us know the commands to be used in Object type for generating the config log in PPM log.




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Re: Generate Config Plan log in PPM Log

Attaching the sample congi plan log  to be generated in PPM logs.Thanks!!

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Re: Generate Config Plan log in PPM Log

Hi Sravya,


I'm not sure i can understand what you want to do so i think you want to generate an log file that contain all about configuration setting on your environment, right ?


If so, please following the steps below. 


Open a command prompt and navigate into the PPM-HOME/bin folder. Then run the command "sh".
That command will generate a zip file that contains valuable data about the configuration of your environment.
That file will be stored in a location that PPM will show once it is finished.


You can run in GUI, console, or silent mode. Silent mode automatically captures a default set of information without prompting for user input.


To run in GUI mode:

sh ./


To run in console mode:

sh ./ -console


To run in silent mode:

sh ./ -silent -k <Password> -customer <Company_Name> -sr <Service_Request_Number>







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Re: Generate Config Plan log in PPM Log



Thanks for the below information.


What exactly we are looking is...our users are migrating files through PPM by using the object type 'FMW deploy' .In PPM log, we are able to see the Config file log but user raised that they are not able to see the complete config log as they see from backend. So we are trying to generate the config file in PPM log same as it is generated from backend.


I am attaching the commands used in Object type and also the config file that is displayed in PPM log(congif file is highlighted).


Kindly suggest  us.