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General Update Question

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General Update Question

So. This is not my current circumstance, but had a general question.

If I took pfm - proposals, out of the box, and configured it, and used it in production.

What happens if there is an upgrade? 

Meaning, does the upgrade replace the pfm - Proposal (OOTB) entity? 

Let me know if you have any questions.

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Re: General Update Question

Hi Andy,


Generally, HP does not make changes over OOTB solutions design (mean workflows and request fields). But if there is a change occur in OOTB solutions design (e.g. HP add a new field in pfm-proposal), the change reflect to your request.


Because of that you should copy Request Type, Request Type Header and Workflow from OOTB and create your own solution.


Even if do that, if HP change Field Group Types' fields, so it will reflect to your solution too. It is inevitable.



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