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Future Support for PPM on Solaris?

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Future Support for PPM on Solaris?

The organization I'm working for has a currently dormant installation of PPM running on a Solaris box. They have recently renewed support and want to get PPM back online with a fresh install.  A question that came up is whether it would be best to continue using Solaris, or take this opportunity to install PPM on Windows Server.  Related to that choice is the issue whether there are any plans to deprecate Solaris/Unix support for PPM in the foreseeable future.  

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Re: Future Support for PPM on Solaris?

Its better to rasie a service request to HP, they can give you exact details.


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Re: Future Support for PPM on Solaris?



My two cents from PPM R&D perspective (which is in no way the official HP position): There are both pros and cons to making the switch to windows:



- If windows environments is your corporate standard, you  should go for it.

- Most of environments in use within HP PPM R&D are either Windows or Linux (Red Hat), so in practice, R&D spends more time on these environments which give us more chance at catching potential issues than with other environments such as AIX or HP-UX (though thanks to PPM being almost full Java, these platform-specific problems tend to be mostly focusing on shell commands specificities, and to that regard Solaris is not THAT different from Red Hat as far as I can tell).



- It might sound a little bit cliché, but from my experience, *nix environments (including Solaris) tend to perform better under heavy load than Windows ones.

- As far as I know, there's no plan on the short term to remove Solaris from the PPM support matrix, though there's no saying what the future holds.


Overall, I'd say that the technical concerns should not play a major role in the decision: pick whatever solution will cost your company less from a maintenance perspective, and the most aligned with your corporate policy and preferred platform for hosting applications.


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Re: Future Support for PPM on Solaris?

Thanks for the response, Etienne.   That's the info we were looking for.   :)