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Forecast Planning Page

Deepak Bhattad
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Forecast Planning Page



One of the users has an issue wherein he is trying to update his staffing profiles from the "Forecast Planning" page and after making changes and trying to save the changes do not take effect and the numbers revert to what they were.


The same user when goes to the particular staffing profile individually can update the numbers.


We are on version 8.03 and the user has the privileges "Edit Staffing Profiles".


I did login as PPM admin and did not find any issues in updating the staffing profiles from the forecast planning page. Is this something to do with access permissions wherein the user also need "Edit All Staffing profile" access grants?


Not sure and any help in this regard is greatly apprecaited.



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Re: Forecast Planning Page

1) Run command from /bin folder
with option 'A' to clear all cache within PPM.

2) Clear the IE browser cache by clicking Tools-> Internet Options -> Delete all

3) Clear the java cache by clicking control panel -> java ->Settings -> Delete all.

4) Stop PPM Server

5) Delete “tmp” and “work” folders from /server/
Repeat for all servers (nodes

6) Run command from /bin folder

7) run command from /bin folder

8) Restart PPM Server


If this doesn't work:

What browser is the user working with? 

What is the client machines java version?

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