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Find the tables related to notification setup.

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Find the tables related to notification setup.

Can any one please me to find the tables related to notification setup.


I have configured one of the notification in workflow, I need to find out subject and body information, in which table I can find this information.



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Re: Find the tables related to notification setup.



There are two groups:


Group 1: configuration values



This table stores the definition of each notification created by the user. These

notifications are used as a template to create the actual email notifications that

are triggered by events in PPM Center. For example, the Workflow Step

Notification is triggered to create an email by a change in the workflow step

and status for a package line. For DM and DepM notification types, the

CONDITION_VALUE maps to the workflow_step and the EVENT_VALUE

maps to the status.



This table stores information about email notifications that are triggered by

database events.



This table stores the definition for each type of notification provided in PPM

Center. The table stores default values as well as corresponding lookup values

used in PPM Center to build the user defined notifications.



This table stores the email address of each recipient who is to receive the

notification. Each notification can have many recipients.



This table stores the default linked tokens for a notification type message, and

the linked tokens for specific notifications.



This table stores templetes for email messages.


Group 2: resolved values. Example: knta.project_id à 23231



This table stores a list of recipients for each detail. The email addresses have

been resolved from tokens, user names, or security groups.



This table stores a list of all the packages, Issues, or Report Submissions that

have notifications to be sent. This table is examined every 20 seconds. If the

sent_flag is set to false and it is time to send the notification (according to the

interval referenced by the interval_id) a notification will be sent.



This table stores a row for each column that was specified in KTNA_

NOTIFCATION_COLUMNS for the notification. The tokens for the columns

have been replaced with text to be sent in the email.




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