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Financial Summary in 8.00.01

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Financial Summary in 8.00.01

This is going to seem like a newbie question -I'm not new **at ALL** to Deploy & Demand - back to the original 5.5 version of the tool - but I AM new to customizing the **v8.0** project/portfolio/financials aspects of PPM.

My question is this - Why isn't the Financial editable - customizable?

If they are, can someone please point in in the right direction?

This is driving me crazy - the setups aren't at all accessable via the WB and my company is currently in the beginning stages of implementing this functionality.

We need to tweak the displayed form on the Financial Summary and set defaults for certain displayed fields on that form.

Thanks in advance!!!
Mark Clifford
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Re: Financial Summary in 8.00.01

If you are using the financial summary in projects you can set defaults on the financial summary settings using the project type. Other modifications you can do are to add custom fields to the summary itself, cost/benefit sections, individual lines by using the User Data setups in the WB and change the values of labor and non-labor categories.

We've done significant customizations to data collected in the financial summary but there isn't a whole lot do with the financial summary itself.