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Financial Summary get Error in 9.12

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Financial Summary get Error in 9.12

Hi All,


Our system 9.12 (SP2). Before SP2, project managers(PM) can access their financial summaries(FS) with adequate grants. Absolutely, We didn't give them "Edit/View All Financial Summary ...."  grants because we don't want that project managers see all FSs. They can only see their projects' FSs.


After SP2, however, they can't see even their projects' FSs. We analyzed it and we found that to see and edit their FSs, we must give them below grants:


  • Edit All Financial Benefits
  • Edit Cost Security on all Financial Summaries
  • Edit Financial Benefits
  • Edit Forecasts on All Financial Summaries
  • Edit Forecasts on Financial Summary

As you see there are 3 ALL grants. If we remove, for example, "Edit All Financial Benefits" grant, they get below error. Please note that if we remove a grant, they get error, not get "inadequate access grant" message


An unknown exception has occurred. Please reload the page you were editing and try again.
The following is a stack trace of the exception:
com.kintana.core.server.RuntimeBaseException: An unknown error has occurred. For more information, please contact your PPM administrator and provide the following GUID number: GUID=374D57F8-FD6C-5F47-1598-F9410A421F2C


So, this is unacceptable that give "Edit All Financial Benefits" grant (or other ALL grants) to PM for just see their FSs. The above error message show us that there is something wrong.


Is there any idea or experience about this topic.




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Re: Financial Summary get Error in 9.12

Hi Celil,


Can you please share the server logs... please make sure that it captures this FS error.

Utkarsh Mishra

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