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Financial Summary Questions

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Financial Summary Questions


Our customer raised following issues for Financial Summary:


1. "Export to Excel" on all request types (i.e. project, proposal, program, and asset) exported the actuals and forecast details (from cost lines) as text, not as numbers.

2. We have an User Data "Notes" for cost line. "Export to Excel" on project/proposal/asset does export the User Data;

However, "Export to Excel" on program does not export the User Data.


3. On the Cost view, when user selected a Fiscal Year, all cost lines are displayed, including those which have no Forecase/Actual for that Fiscal Year. Is it possible to hide those cost lines based on the selected Fiscal Year?


As I understand, PPM does not provide the customization or configuration for all above three issues.


Any thoughts?



Jason Nichols K
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Re: Financial Summary Questions



For question #1, patch 9.14.0004 corrects this problem.  As for the others, I do not know of any configuration that can be done to alter this behavior.



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Re: Financial Summary Questions

Hello Judy,


For 2 and 3 I suggest opening a new support ticket to analyze the feasibility of an ER.


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