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Financial Summaries not being recalculated - they fall off the service schedule?

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Financial Summaries not being recalculated - they fall off the service schedule?

We have financial summaries where they fall off of the update service schedule - meaning there's no recalculation from time entry hours, etc. I can fix each one by going to the Project Settings and hitting save or done. Once I do that the "Costs are up to date as of 6/28/11 09:22:27 AM CDT. Costs are scheduled to be recalculated at 6/28/11 07:00:00 PM CDT" message reappears on the financial summary portlet.


I didn't see this listed as a SP3 fix. Does anyone else have this issue? 

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Re: Financial Summaries not being recalculated - they fall off the service schedule?

Hi Cat,


there are several known issues that have been fixed in 8.03 in respect to the FinSum of a project but are not unfortunately documented in the release notes.


QCCR1L29167: On PPM 8.0. Project labor costs does not calculate on the Financal Summary despite the Project settings. Specifically occurs when a Project with a Staffing Profile is created from a Project with a Staffing Profile. This only works if the Staffing Profile is re-triggered by updating with a position or changing the SP status.


QCCR1L40067: ollowing is the issue :-

We have upgraded our system from PPM 7.1 to PPM 8.0 SP2.

We have a Project Type where we have enabled Financial Management.

These are the current settings in COST & EFFORT Policy..

Actual labor costs on the work plan will be:

Automatically calculated based on actual effort and rates
      Costs on the Financial Summary
      Calculate the actual labor costs from the work plan and time sheets. (Note: Financial Management for the work plan must be enabled.)

As per these settings whenever we create a new Project the ACTUAL_ROLLUP_CODE in FM_FORECAST_ACTUALS is set as AUTO_LABOR_MANUAL_NONLABOR.

But We have checked for old project created with these Project Type the


Because initially th projects created from this particular project type were having (getting stored as database) ACTUAL_ROLLUP_CODE as MANUAL .. Now for new Projects created from thie project type the ACTUAL_ROLLUP_CODE is getting stored as AUTO_LABOR_MANUAL_NONLABOR.

ACTUAL_ROLLUP_CODE is picked up from FM_FORECAST_ACTUALS table.. This gets stored based on the Financial Management Settings as MANUAL ,AUTO_LABOR_MANUAL_NONLABOR & AUTO_LABOR_AUTO_NONLABOR.

Based on these values we have a custom report where we calculate cost from work plans & budget lines..

If at all lets say the Project Type settings(Financial Management) is changed recently to calculate "Actual labor from Work Plan"  then is there a way to update the settings in one go for  already existing projects so that the new settings will take effect to old project as well as we have more than 150 projects ..

QCCR1L29066 When proposal becomes a project SP synchroniztion checkbox becomes unchecked and costs stop being synchronized with SP attached to Project.


There are also several undocumented (because not reported by custoemr) fixes in 8.03. Thus it depends upon the circumstances of WHY the rollup fails on those FinSums to determine the root cause and thus the fix.


 I suggest opening a ticket after upgrading to that Service Pack should the issue then still be present and displaying your issue with as much detail as possible to find if it is known or not.


Best regards,


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Re: Financial Summaries not being recalculated - they fall off the service schedule?

Good to know - thanks!



//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event