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Filter on Filename Chooser has quit working.

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Filter on Filename Chooser has quit working.

I have an oddity that I would like to get resolved.

I am running Version 9.32.0002

This first showed up when a user was attempting to populate a package with a new line.  In that line, you must select the file that will be brought into the package.

In selecting that file, you can choose to filter the selections being returned by the validation by typing the first few characters of the filename and then clicking on 'Find'.

For some reason, this FIND button has ceased to work.  It simply doesnt do anything:FileFilter1.png

I cannot figure out where to look internally as to where this functionality is defined so as to troubleshoot what is happening and why.

Any ideas from the community would be greatly appreciated!!


Deep Mehta
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Re: Filter on Filename Chooser has quit working.


Is it just you or everyone having this issue? Wondering if you updated your java.. 

I am not sure what is the source of your validation list(validated by). You can also check if the validation was updated recently and if it still have the logic for wildcard search like:

where UPPER(meaning) like UPPER('?%')
and (meaning like upper(substr('?',1,1)) || '%'
or meaning like lower(substr('?',1,1)) || '%')



//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event