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Field Security Causing Fields to Clear

Jamie Pick
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Field Security Causing Fields to Clear

We've got a request type where nearly every field on it has security set at the field level, to only allow certain people to be able to edit the fields contents.

Two of these fields are also in the results of two Rules designed to clear their contents when another dependent field changes.

With both the field security and the Rules in place, these fields clear themselves when a user who doesn't have edit capabilities pushes the request through the workflow. If someone who does have edit capabilities on these two fields clicks an action button, they do not clear out.

This request type worked fine in 7.5 - we discovered the issue upon testing our 8.01 instance.

Has anyone else experienced this 'conflict' between Rules and field security?


Jim Esler
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Re: Field Security Causing Fields to Clear

We saw this problem while testing our upgrade to 7.5. It was fixed in a service pack, I believe SP6. Maybe the problem also existed in 8.0 and the new 8.0 service pack includes that fix. We have not tried 8.0 yet so I have no direct experience there.