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Field Dependency

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Field Dependency


If the project health is changed, can we display the old value in a text field?

For example, my current project health is "Green", if I change it to "Red", my previous value "Green", can that be shown in a different Text field.

Can someone help me in solving this issue please.

Thanks in advance.

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Re: Field Dependency

There's a Project Health field in the header of our projects. I believe this is a PPM default field. Could you either...


(1) Turn on transaction history for the field

(2) Create another field and update it when the project health changes. This field should also have transaction and/or notes history enabled.

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Re: Field Dependency

Hi Ramana,

Actually there is two project health field in project:

One of them above project summary tab on the left side. Depend on project settings you can change it. When you want to change you have to enter reason and deadline.

Other one is a field in project request type. Depend on your field dependencies configuration you can change this field. When you change it, it couldn't change other project health indicator which is described above.



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