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Feasibility Question: Cognos Reporting on PPM

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Feasibility Question: Cognos Reporting on PPM

We are looking at the possibility of using Cognos as the reporting engine for IT Project Data that is on PPM (We are currently on ppm 9.12 and are using the HP Provided Business Objects for reporting). On the Client's Application Portfolio, Cognos is chosen as the standard reporting tool; hence we are condcuting this analysis.


1. Any past experience and insight will be much appreciated.

2. We are looking at this forum to understand the common default technical concers/issues.


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Re: Feasibility Question: Cognos Reporting on PPM



Im my current company we are using CA Clarity PPM for project portfolio management.


Currently we are implemented Cognos 10.2.1 for PPM reporting. 


Please let me know if you required and information 




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Re: Feasibility Question: Cognos Reporting on PPM



Since PPM Reporting Content Pack 2.0, you are not bound to Business Object to create your PPM Reports. 


PPM provides a Report-friendly DB Schema that can be used with any Reporting tool, and that obviously includes Cognos. Note however that there is no built-in Cognos report, so you'll have to roll your own. 


Since Cognos is your corporate reporting tool, I expect that this shouldn't be an issue.


There are also partners providing Cognos-based reporting solutions for PPM if you're interested. 


Kind Regards,


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