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Facing some problems while opening the financial summary

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Facing some problems while opening the financial summary



Facing some problems while opening the financial summary:


After filling some data in project fields, if we start editing the financial summary and are done with it, the data which was filled already in the project fields are getting lost, which was not the case in 7.5.


Unsaved data in the project fields are getting erased automatically when financial summary is opened and closed thereafter.


Also, when a project is opened from a Proposal's reference section, it is automatically opening in a new window.After that if financial summary is opened from the project and are done with some editing, the window(whole project) is automatically getting closed.


I have checked this in IE and Mozilla Firefox. As a workaround we are opening the financial summary in a new tab/window.

Could you please tell me if the PPM 8.0 version is designed in such way or is there any way this can be made like 7.5 version.


Thanks in Advance.


Best Regards,

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Re: Facing some problems while opening the financial summary

Hi Happa,


I don't exactly know if it was designed this way or not but yes, it is documented. Fill in project values, open FinSum without first saving the data in the project fields and 'voilá', all values lost. I reported this quite a while ago:



In PPM 7.5, when a Project is opened and then the Tab ‘Project Details’ is chosen, there will be some fields that are populated with values.
After that, a user will open Financial Costs and Financial Benefits, which will open a new page where the values are populated and upon closure of the window, a calculation will take place and the values will be entered into the initial project details page.

In PPM 8, the editing of the Financial Summary will take place in a separate page in the SAME browser-window and this means that the values then at this point not saved will be discarded when the new page is opened.

This concerns ANY field on the same page prior to switching it. In fact, ANY changes you make to free, list- or ACL fields except for dates and such (and except for Workplan etc) on any other tab prior to leaving this page for the Financial Summary will lead to loss of data.


It is expected that if on the project fields are populated prior to working on the Financial Summary all fields are saved OR a message is shown that a save is necessary OR the action is handled the same way as in PPM 7.5 and a NEW browser-window is opened for Financial Summary.


How to reproduce:
- In the Workbench, add a text-field 4000 to the Project Request Type fields and ensure that this field is set on the Project Summary Page;
- In Dashboard, make this Request Type the template for new Projects;
- Create a new Project
- Project Summary Tab: Enter some text into the new text-field;
- Change to Project Details Tab;
- Enter Description, Business Unit and other values;
- Press the Project Financial Summary Link;
- Create a line for Budget and one for Benefit, save and done.

- Text fields, List fields, ACL fields, all values (except for date values) have been emptied;
- Text field on Project Summary Tab is also empty.

This means that all work is lost if the Financial Summary is entered and the Project was not saved prior to that.


There are no plans to implement a change. You need to make sure that users save changes to projects prior to opening up and editing the FinSum.


Sorry that I don'T have better news.


Best regards,



Re: Facing some problems while opening the financial summary

Hi Dirk,


Thanks a lot for the reply and the help.


Hope HP finds a solution for this in future.


Best Regards,


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Re: Facing some problems while opening the financial summary

Hi Happa,


I hope the same too ;-)


If you are ok with the 'solution' of this thread, please mark this so if and when you have the time.


Have a great day.

Best wishes and regards,


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