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Export / Import Users on PPM

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Gerardo Gamez
Respected Contributor.

Export / Import Users on PPM

Hi everyone,


I have a question related to users on PPM, actually I have a production environment and a development environment but they have no the same information, by the moment I'm only interested in users, so how can I export all the security groups and users in production environment to import them on development environment?


Thanks and regards.


Jim Esler
Acclaimed Contributor.

Re: Export / Import Users on PPM

The workflow migration object type has an option to add missing security groups. You can create a dummy workflow that references the security groups you want to move and migrate it to the other environment. This will define the security groups in that environment but security group membership will not be set up.


You can extract the user data from the knta_users table in the source environment and place it in the knta_users_int table in the target instance. You would then run the Import Users report to create the users. When the users and security groups exist in the target instance, you can extract user security group membership information from the source database and build entries in the knta_users_int and knta_user_security_int tables in the target instance and, again, use the Import Users report to insert the information in the target instance.


An alternative method is to refresh the target instance with a dump of the source instance's database, then remove anything that you do not want to have there.

Gerardo Gamez
Respected Contributor.

Re: Export / Import Users on PPM

Thank you very much Jim it works fine!